Water demands for base compaction as well as for maintaining workable roadway project sites are critical cost factors in road construction. BaseBuilder™ is a patented, environmentally-friendly, water-saving solution that will save you water, time, and money. It is easily mixed at a rate of 1 gallon of product/2500 gallons (H2O) to significantly reduce water consumption, to decrease shovel time, and to make road projects easier and faster. Even in the harshest climates and conditions, BaseBuilder™ will help you to conserve water, improve work conditions, reduce dust, and reduce wait time for roadways to be prepared by maintaining moisture levels so that workers can get their jobs done. Using BaseBuilder means faster and more efficient job completion, cost-savings, and a more profitable bottom line.

 The many benefits of BaseBuilder include:

Lowers water requirements by up to 60%

Softens soil for easier excavation & preparation

Lowers erosion and runoff on steep worksites

Reduces fugitive dust

Creates healthier work-sites and improves work conditions

Accelerates project timeline

Improves base flexibility for workability & compaction

Improves community relations

Enhances social responsibility image

Improves environmental commitment of your company