University-tested and approved, WaterGold® is the highest-performing, water-saving agricultural agent in the world. A surfactant, a humectant, and root penetrant, WaterGold® is scientifically proven to significantly reduce water needs and to increase crop yield.

WaterGold® is a self-agitating liquid fed directly into any irrigation system using a chemigator or fertigator. It is a patented product containing gentle natural surfactants and humecants that improve water penetration as well as the holding capacity of soil while reducing evaporation, erosion, and run-off.

University-tested and approved

No polymers

Environmentally safe

Increases crop yields

No harsh chemicals

Non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-corrosive

Increases availability of soil moisture by as much as 35%

Water retaining agent

Reduces stress on crops

Increases soil moisture between irrigation cycles

Reduces wear and tear on pivots and equipment

Reduces amount of fertilizer required

Reduces evaporation