Developed by firefighters for firefighters, university and UL-tested, FireKyll™ is unique in that it is both a Class A and Class B foam that quickly and safely extinguishes a wide range of fire types. FireKyll™ has saved property and lives, and has changed the way firefighters fight fires. A self-agitating, non-corrosive, non-toxic, pH neutral foam-FireKyll™ is safe for the environment.

This video shows scenes from a test of FireKyll™

A proven, effective Class A and Class B foam

University and UL-tested

Environmentally-safe and pH neutral

No special equipment required; no mixing required

Non-corrosive, non-ionic, and non-toxic

Will not harm equipment

Reduces knock down time

Rapidly cools all surfaces

Reduces exposure time

Usable with injection systems or mixed batches

Can be combined with other products

Reduces possibility of reignition