James Nowlin
• CEO • Coach • Speaker

James grew up the child of a truck driver and factory worker in the rural foothills of Virginia who always dreamed of succeeding in the business world. He left his practice as a corporate attorney in his twenties at the beginning of the Great Recession, and in spite of daunting odds, for more than a decade he quietly grew his consulting firm, Excel Global Partners (EGP). As he grew EGP, the complexity of his world increased.

James found himself a young man of color and an out member of the LGBT community, earning his place as a rare trusted voice in boardrooms of corporations, working closely with management and senior executives in restructurings, strategic planning, M&A, and more. With newfound responsibility and influence, James invested in coaching for himself, deepening his own consciousness, self-love, and self-mastery before ever setting out to coach or motivate anyone else. Because of that, he speaks and teaches no-nonsense wisdom, sharing words that come from a deep place of substance, experience, and mindfulness.

Executives of Fortune companies have relied on him and his firm to objectively navigate them through the most complex financial and operational challenges. James has taken his ability to help business executives behind the scenes to the mainstage–helping anyone dealing with overcoming a challenge, business or personal, as well as those who simply wish to take their game to a much higher level. James knows how to connect, deliver the truth, and drive impact. James always says, “In the boardroom or on the mainstage, I bring all of myself–I will deliver”.